Our commitment to contribute to sustainable development has been part of our core business since inception. These principles, together with our Code of Conduct, apply to the way we do business and to our conduct with the communities where we operate. We have worked to embed this sustainability commitment into our strategy, our business processes and decision-making.

We aim to provide more efficient and cleaner energy solutions in a responsible manner – in a way that balances short- and long-term interests, and that integrates economic, environmental and social considerations.

Green Hydrogen

We provide holistic and value added solutions across the green Hydrogen value chain. Our solutions enable our clients to minimize risks to cost, program, quality and reputation during hydrogen production, storage, transportation and consumption.

We support our clients with Differentiated advisory services, deep technical domain expertise, energy transition solutions and smart solutions to optimize cost and time.

Our In-House team of experts are capable of providing integrated solutions for development of Green Hydrogen projects and supporting the Net Zero Emission Goal set forward by United nations.

Green Ammonia

Ammonia production currently accounts for around 1.8% of global CO2 emissions with most ammonia being produced from carbon-rich natural gas. With ammonia market rising as key carrier source, it is imperative to move towards zero-CO2 emission process for a sustainable future.

Our team of experts help clients by providing Engineering, Design, Procurement , Consultancy and Technological solutions to ensure timely and safely execution of complex projects.

Bio Ethanol

98% of the fuel requirement in the road transportation sector is currently met by fossil fuels and the remaining 2% by biofuels. Energy demand in India is rising.

With the proposed target of E20 blending there is renewed focus on increasing the production of Ethanol which can be blended in petrol.

We provide end-to-end technology and consulting solutions including Fermentation, Distillation, Dehydration and Efuent treatment for ethanol from agricultural feedstock.

Bio Diesel

India Bio-diesel market demand stood at 0.17 Million Tonnes in FY2021 and is forecast to reach 0.26 Million Tonnes by FY2030, growing at a healthy CAGR of 8.60% until 2030. Increasing crude oil import bills has made the Indian government switch to domestic fuel alternatives with Biodiesel, which is serving as the main game- changer. With the initiation of the National Policy on Bio-fuels in 2019, the demand for Bio-diesel is set to witness an upward trend in the coming years.

India’s initiative towards promoting cleaner fuels is all set to elevate the country’s overall Bio-diesel demand. As India’s primary energy demand is all set to double in the next two decades, the use of cleaner fuel alternatives will continue to spur the sales of Bio-diesel as a fuel.

The transport sector, railways, and industries are the major Bio-diesel end-users in India and offer vast potential to the bio-fuel market.


Bio-CNG or bio-compressed natural gas, also known as sustainable natural gas or biomethane, is a biogas which has been upgraded to a quality similar to fossil natural gas and having a methane concentration of 90% or greater. As the gas is derived from natural and renewable sources, it is also termed renewable natural gas (RNG).

Renewable natural gas has the potential to be a replacement for the more widely used CNG and liquified petroleum gas (LPG) in India. Thus RNG can find applications in diverse segments – commercial (hotels, canteens, bakeries and resorts), industrial (food and beverage, metal processes, cement and textiles) and automotive (public transport and private vehicles).

India bio-gas market is expected to grow from $1.47 billion in 2022 to $2.25 Billion in 2029 at a CAGR of 6.3% in forecast period, 2022-2029 period.

Technical Consulting

Our team of experts have experience across the globe in advising fortune 500 companies with innovative solutions.

These solutions range from Plant operation and cost optimization studies, detailed engineering and design packages for the open hart and licensor units, engineering, procurement, construction and consulting services.

We are primarily catering to the specific needs of Green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia, Refining, Petrochemicals and Bio-fuel segments.

Aniqav Industries was formed to specifically cater to projects in Refinery and Petrochemicals sector, where we extend all the help needed from Aniqav Global and its resources in order to maintain and deliver the same experience as that of Aniqav global to its refinery and petrochemical clientele.

Refinery and Petrochemicals

Many refinery and petrochemical processes require high temperatures, chemical reactions, or dense energy storage. These are not easy to electrify and account for a significant share of global CO2 emissions. One important way to address industrial emissions is through improvements in energy efficiency.

Our team of experts have experience across the globe in advising fortune 500 companies with innovative solutions ranging from Plant operation and cost optimization studies , Detailed engineering and Design packages for the open hart and licensor units ,Engineering, Procurement ,construction and consulting services